The Story of Stuff…

Watched “The Story of Stuff” with Annie Leonard a few days ago. I am looking at life with a different perspective at the moment.  I hope this paradigm shift will stick with me for a long time.  As I’ve said in a previous post – I have A LOT of STUFF, so it would appear that viewing this video is timely for me.

Annie describes a vicious circle that the consumer (me) falls into. Shopping to feel better, a therapy of sorts!  A lot of people do it, what I have in my favor is that I also like to shop for a good deal, and love the challenge of finding good used items instead of store bought purchases,  which makes me feel slightly better.  I do tend to buy  items in stores that have had huge reductions though – mostly because they are a good deal, and I MIGHT need them someday.

So what has changed since my paradigm shift?  Well, I’ll walk through a store (typically Walmart, Dollar Stores or Supermarkets) and be drawn to a good deal, but now instead of seeing the good deal, I see STUFF!  This has made it easier for me to not put that item into my basket, because I know I don’t NEED more STUFF.

It’s become clear to me that it would be in my favor not to shop for therapy, (for more than just the reasons on the video) but instead for needed items.  Makes perfect sense, and I will attempt to do this.  What is the best course of action to accomplish this?  Easy enough –

  • make a list and stick to it.
  • When I run out of something, replace it.

Ya, easy enough…time will tell!

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