They sayers….

I had an opportunity the other night to hang out and talk to a few friends after a function I attended.  It was reminiscent of the philosophical explorations I took part in at the coffee shop as a teenager. I won’t get into the actual discussions here, but suffice it to say, it felt good to be taking part in a conversation that was exploring questions and events at a deeper level.

Until….dundundun…someone’s opinion was different than mine!  This, in and of itself is generally not a problem (so I tell myself :P) except the opinion made me question an obsession of mine – books, or the knowledge available to us through them to be more precise. One of the ladies made comment that to me meant ‘the answers are within us’, followed by a statement about people who offer up their answers with “I read in a book”, or “I saw this show and they said….” people who are the ‘They sayers.’

I was feeling a little…ashamed, or maybe – embarrassed, like I wanted to defend myself, because I’m one of those people. I didn’t though, I let it go and decided not to take it personally.  I woke up the next morning and it came to mind again as I looked at my shelves full of books.  I have hundreds of references that I could quote from; “If the answer is within me, why to I need them?” I thought to myself. There is a greater part of me that believes I do have access to the answers I need within me.  It dawned on me though – I need help with the questions!!  When I say either to myself, or to someone else “They say… I saw.. I heard…” it allows me to decide if the statement or knowledge I’m sharing resonates and is true for ME.  It is a belief for the ‘They’ who wrote it or said it – at the time they wrote/said it anyway – and when I first take in the information it may feel right for me as well. How does it feel when I share it though?  It might also be that it is an appropriate belief for a period of time in my life, until I have more experiences that make me question it again…for life is not static – thank goodness!

So even though we are (or could be, depending on your beliefs)  a part of a ‘universal consciousness’  and have access to all the questions and answers, I for one am grateful for all the written, televised, or otherwise documented knowledge available to me because I’m not always (read usually!) tapped in enough to know what it is I need to know at any given time.

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