Daily Choices – Micro-Manage vs Master Procrastinator

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could clone ourselves!  Just think, then we would have someone to stay at home and take care of the monotonous daily drudgery of housekeeping, yard work, cooking, laundry…of course this is MY perspective!  Another perspective could be – wouldn’t it be terrific if I could clone myself I could send my other self out to take care of the monotonous drudgery of working, bringing home the bacon, putting up with the company politics! If we could clone ourselves twice, that could all be taken care of; we would have time to visit friends and family, create, play, read, sleep, watch movies, whatever our hearts desired!! Would that get tiresome?  I don’t believe it would…I imagine there would be a whole new set of struggles, but I honestly can’t imagine what they would be.

There are people who are are very efficient with their time and seem to be able to fit it all in…I don’t have a clue how they do it!  What makes one person capable of keeping a well run home, work a full time job, have time to visit friends and family, take care of themselves and be creative?  I would love to know the secret.  Is every day micromanaged?

I like to think of myself as spontaneous, but in reality it’s just my way of assuring there is lots of time to procrastinate.  How do I go from being a master procrastinator to time efficient – with as little pain as possible!?  I’ve read many books on the subject, but nothing with advice I am drawn to maintaining for a long period of time. I’ve also had to pay many late fines at the local library for those books on ‘how to stop procrastination’.  Yes, more than once I’ve sheepishly slid these books across the counter and admitted they didn’t really work for me :/

Well, since cloning probably won’t be an option in my lifetime, I will have to keep trying to find a system of organizing my time that fits for me.  One where I still feel as though I have the option of being spontaneous, but I’m actually accomplishing all the things in my life that need to get done in a timely manner. I think I need to learn some stick-to-it-ness in order for that to happen.  Thank goodness they’ve discovered you can teach an old dog new tricks!!

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One Response to Daily Choices – Micro-Manage vs Master Procrastinator

  1. Alena says:

    Brenda, what an entertaining way of sharing your thoughts…I like you way of expressing yourself. And when we will go for coffee? 😉
    With love and respect
    your fan

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