What’s so Comfortable about “The Comfort Zone”?

Here it is, almost 1 am and I have these thoughts whirling around in my head.  I’ve finally given in to the realization that sleep is nowhere near enveloping me, probably since I’ve spent the last 2 days down with the flu, and much of my time was spent sleeping…

Then tonight, out of the brain fog of fever and other nastiness, some questions arise about the state of my life, and since I don’t think I’m much different than a lot of people when it comes to how I run my life, and how I feel about the way it’s turning out, I thought I’d share.

Stuck is the word that came to mind as I thought of the state of my life…and why am I stuck? The main reason appears to be FEAR. I had to laugh at when I finally saw it because I’ve never considered myself fear based.  I’ve believed for many years that if you live in fear you are more likely to become a victim.  I’m not afraid of someone robbing me, breaking into my home or car or even attacking me if I’m out walking.  That’s not to say I’d put myself into an unsafe situation though, and I definitely listen to my gut instinct.  If I’m getting a weird feeling from someone or a situation I’ll get to a place where I feel safe again.

So, I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf!

BUT – I’m afraid of everything else!! I would like to make changes in my life, but I’m afraid.  Of what?  What people will think, making a wrong decision, making a fool of myself, failing, looking stupid, looking egotistical, succeeding-then failing, being seen, not being seen!!!  I’m sure I could go on, and on and on, but you get the idea. I’m a victim to my own thoughts

Now I know for a fact I’m not alone in this. How do I know this?  Look at all the self-help books out there!  I own my fair share and then some, but here I am, still in this place of stuck and fear. And I hear if from many people in my social circle as well.

So I started thinking about what I would do if I wasn’t so afraid. I started with something easy and “safe” – I’d try dressing a bit different, come up with my own style, something I’ve thought about doing for ages. Then I got to wondering what has stopped me?  Fear – of what people will think, looking stupid, or foolish or weird.  Then I thought about some people I know that do have their own style, what do I think when I see them in something different? Usually I think it’s pretty cool they’re brave enough to be unique, and then I realize they are seen!  How frightening is that!?!  Well, for me it’s terribly frightening! If I’m seen I might get spoken to! Then I would have to come back with something witty or intelligent! Since I can be excruciatingly shy when that happens, all thoughts flee from my mind and “I got nothin” is what’s left floating around in there.

So, there’s a good reason to stay in my comfort zone right?

I’ve been wanting to do another Vision Board Workshop…for a couple of years now.  I’ve done a few, and I think they’ve turned out pretty well.  I believe in VB’s and I get really excited when I’m planning them or thinking about different techniques to use and how they can be so helpful to attaining goals.  So why haven’t I done another workshop?  Fear – of what people will think of it, of failing, of my mind going blank when I stand up to explain the process to the people who come, or worse yet nobody comes!

So, there’s a good reason to stay in my comfort zone right?

Then there are the changes I make for my health and well being…eating properly, exercise, cut out the caffeine, journal, meditate, take time for myself everyday, limit TV etc. Now I’m not really sure how fear works on this one, but I’m definitely stuck in the old patterns. Even when I feel better, it’s so easy to fall back into “the comfort zone”.  I have done some of these things for well over the 21 days it takes to create a habit, but the old habits come rushing back as soon as I have my back turned!! But it’s comfortable right? Soothing to just go back into the same old routine.

That’s a good reason to stay in the comfort zone too, right?

Well, NO, I don’t think any of the above reasons are good and it seems as though there isn’t anything very comfortable about the comfort zone!  I think it might even be a good idea to rename it “the Stuck Zone”!  I want my life to flow, I want to learn, grow, see and experience new things…but if I’m comfortable it doesn’t seem to happen.

I know the more I leave my comfort zone, the less uncomfortable it will be, and it will lead to a more satisfying life, rich with new experiences.

I just have to keep reminding myself of  the saying “It’s none of my business what people think of me” and take a leap!

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