Our “Hidden” Power…

A little tidbit about me – I’m a firm believer in taking responsibility for my life…whether it’s in a good spot or not.  It sucks to know your responsible when your life is in the shitter; easier to think WHAT did I do to deserve this? It must be karma from a previous life, or everyone is out to get me.  AND far more satisfying to pat yourself on the back and take the credit when life is awesome and everything falls into place easily. But just because I believe this, doesn’t mean I understand HOW it works exactly – and some days (months/years) it’s easier to NOT look in the mirror and admit, yep, I got me here.

I reread “Your Greatest Power” by J Martin Kohe, copyright 1953, a couple of weeks ago. It’s just a small book, 61 pages, so I picked at it throughout the day and at the end I felt inspired to live my life a little differently. Anyone who knows me, knows this is a common occurrence. I don’t know how many times I’ve said “So, I’m reading this book… it’s going to change my life!” and sometimes it does.  I become more motivated, get creative, have more joy etc. But the book ends, the motivation fades, and I fall back into the old routine. (Although, in defense of the books, I’m a whole different person than I was when I started reading them, so each one brought a glimmer of change, and I’m grateful for that!)

So What is “Your Greatest Power”? The power to Choose. We choose EVERYTHING – what to wear, eat, buy, listen to, watch, who to hang out with, where to live, work etc. How do we make these choices? With our thoughts…we also choose how to feel, react and treat others.

So I was feeling inspired and decided it was time to CHOOSE to tackle the clutter (okay, hoarding) problem that has plagued me for umm, my whole adult life. I decided to start with my books, because every morning I wake up and stare at this overstuffed bookshelf – filled with books I’ve read, or have been meaning to read, but haven’t really touched because I go get more books from the library :/  Anyway, there’s a book in there I have looked at the spine of for a couple of years now; it was given to me by a friend who has since passed away and for some reason I never opened it up. Well, last week I thought I’d check to see if it was a keeper or not.  “Basic Principles of the Science of Mind” by Dr Frederick Bailes, copyright 1951. I Know, who Wouldn’t want to crack that open with a title like that!  At any rate, I opened it and started reading, and it’s actually a workbook. What do I find?



Surface Mind

  • – The power to CHOOSE

Deeper Mind

  • -the creator of our experiences
  • -the maintainer of the body
  • -the storehouse of experience…

So I was intrigued because I don’t believe in coincidence, and I happened to choose the two books on my shelf about the Power to Choose, (in all honesty, there could be quite a few more on the subject, but I’m going to say NO to the ADD in me and follow through with this one first!) I feel like it’s time to learn about this “hidden” power we all share.

I’ve made it through the first lesson, it’s not unlike all the newer books, movies, websites touting the power of positive thinking, ‘thoughts are things’, ‘ask and it is given’ etc etc, but the message is clear and has great examples that seem to be clicking for me. One of the lessons was on the law of cause and effect.  I had to find an example from my life. I came up with this:  I WANT my house to be clutter free and organized – but I CHOOSE to bring more stuff in and not put things away – NATURALLY my home gets worse instead of better and no amount of positive thinking will make the WANT transpire, I have to choose differently. Nope, it’s not rocket science, but battling the habits that are ingrained deep in our minds means being conscious of our thoughts and actions, which is a feat in itself.

I intend to continue through the workbook, he suggests a week for every lesson, then repeat…there are 12 lessons, and I just figured out I’ll be finished week 12 on my dads birthday. I’m going to dedicate this learning process to him, because I know he’d be happy to see me finally get my house in order….oh, and live a happy life….

Lesson one ends with this “treatment for general good” I quite like it and posted it up so I can read it daily:

I face the future with happy expectancy, with wonder.

I wonder what new experiences of the good, the joyous, the enriching, lie in wait for me.

I wonder what new persons will be drawn into my life, what new stores of health and vitality will be opened, what new depths of understanding will be uncovered within me.

The future lies before me, “stretched in smiling repose.”

It is an unmarked, unmarred page.

My thought is my pen, and life is what I write.

Now one else can write upon that page.

I therefore choose to know this day that the experiences that lie before me will be the best I have ever known.

And it is so.

Choices, we all make ’em, that’s how we got where we are right now…

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