Conscious, Deliberate Choice

ChoicesI’m continuing to work on the Science of Mind workbook, and it seems the more I do, the more information on the subject of thoughts and what they create is coming to me…Which is awesome, because that’s the way it’s supposed to work! It’s like when you’ve decided to have a baby – pregnant women everywhere; or when I decided I LOVED Mini Coopers…all of a sudden there are a ton of coopers in town.

I’ve been plugging away at clearing the clutter in my home and making some progress, but I realize I’m thinking “this is  hard!”…so naturally it feels that way. Is it really hard? No, not really – I’m making it more of a challenge than necessary because of my attachment to STUFF – which comes from ??? -haven’t figured that out yet. It’s a conundrum – the stuff brings me a form of comfort, but also drives me crazy!

I do know it’s up to me to make it easy, so I will continue to Cultivate Conscious, Deliberate Choice….

I need to find my “that was easy” button!

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