Experiment 1 is already a success!!

So, I start the experiment, have a chat with my favorite son, then head out for a walk with my little buddy Finn. All the while, I’m being super observant because I don’t want to miss out on any manifestations coming my way…
and apparently Finn is reading the same book!!Image We’re trucking along a fairly busy road, when all of a sudden he’s sniffing out a pigs ear…not a real pigs ear, well, I guess it is, but it’s one specifically ‘manufactured’ for dogs…sadly, I had to be the overbearing, authoritarian doggy parent and deny him the chewy goodness…I do not want to be cleaning up after that field of potentiality, who knows where it’s been!!

For myself, I noticed a shift in thinking – how even small occurrences seemed like a gift. I work at the local high school, and as we were walking home I bumped into a student from last year…he was on his way to work, but stopped to chat and fill me in on what was new for him…and I was grateful to reconnect…I opened my email, someone started following my blog, totally unexpected, and made me feel good, then I got a response from Pam Grout, author of E squared, definitely unexpected, and super motivating!!

Amazing how a shift in perspective can change how things look in your life and can Awaken of an Attitude of Gratitude!!

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