Experiment 1

P1000438-001A little background – I’ve had some great successes in manifestation, but need to work on focus and consistency which is why I was drawn to “E-Squared”. I feel (read hope) if I have actual tangible proof, that my thoughts create my reality within a time frame, it will be just what I need to create a solid belief system.

So I finished the introduction and preliminaries…last sentence, “Okay, are you ready to become a mad scientist?” left me a little scared, with butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes…WTH?  That was a few hours ago, and instead of jumping in and committing to the first experiment I found many other things to attend to…but now…

I’m going to just DO IT!

Bring on the Proof!!

And it needs to be here by 1pm Friday Aug 30, 2013, so no lollygagging!

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3 Responses to Experiment 1

  1. psgrout says:

    Woo-hoo! Let the games begin!! Have fun, Brenda! Sending you love and joy!!

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