Day 2 of Experiment 2

Well, great success with day one…I chose green butterflies for day 2…because I wanted to challenge myself, or was it to sabotage myself? Unconsciously of course! I’ve been known to do that in the past…make things harder than they have to be…I could have just left it with butterflies, but I’ve seen quite a few around lately, so it felt like ‘cheating’. I’m not going to change my intention…but will change how I think about it… It will be easy to see green butterflies! They could be logos, or print on fabric, ads in a magazine, toys, lawn ornaments, jewelry…any number of places for them to turn up! Oh, LOOK!! There’s one now!!

Is that cheating? After some deliberation, I think not; that would be like having an intention to earn more money, then declining a raise…we have resources available to us, isn’t it in our best interest to use them? And now I’ve seen several green butterflies because I had to choose which pic to use! I’m not going to stop now though…with a vision to go along with my intention…it will be even easier now!

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