Lesson 3: The Focus of Attention – continued…and on task!

Power Flows to the Focus of Attention – when we are in the throws of negative self-talk the power flows through those thoughts and manifests our experiences in alignment with them. When hostility – it’s grudges, resentments and criticism is the focus of our attention we become out of tune with the creative flow. Cultivate sincere well wishing for the good of others to stay in tune.

Law of Attraction:

Dominant inner pattern of Thought →Thought atmosphere →Dominant outer pattern of Experience

Bailes says the LOA is that activity of mind that draws to us that which is like our Dominant Inner pattern of thought.

We attract what we love, hate, fear, expect or steadily contemplate. We fear negative experiences so naturally we attract them…but by choosing to love your most cherished desire above all else it will become your focus of attention. When negative thoughts start creeping into focus, immediately say “I resist that suggestion” and bring the good you desire back into focus and surround it with love. Gradually the negative will fade away.

I like how this ties in with the E Squared experiment…I focused my attention on sunset beige cars yesterday…and seeing them became my experience! I picked green butterflies for todays version of the same experience because I wanted it to be “more of a challenge”…so, naturally it was…but I changed my thinking and have had success…I’ll update more later.

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