Experiment 2

Well, I feel like day 2 of experiment 2 was a success… I saw green butterflies online when I was working on my last post about this experiment, then sitting in the arbor at a friends we saw a few (really pale) green butterflies…well, they could have been moths, but close enough…I’m no lepidopterist…and they might have been a translucent white and only looked green when they were near the leaves…we weren’t positive, but the three of us decided if they looked green to us, then they counted.

Took Mr. Finner for a walk after our play date in the arbor (he’s lucky enough to have a couple puppy friends over there, and a cat he loves to torment). I knew the route I was taking because I’ve been wanting to add some hills and stairs to our walks, I also wanted to check out the new jungle gym thing they added onto the middle school grounds…that being said, we ended up trekking down some familiar streets. Along the way I noticed these butterflies on the side of the house and in the window!!IMAG1045 IMAG1046 They definitely have green on them!

In E Squared Pam Grout writes that scientists now know our brain receives 400 billion bits of information every second…and we screen it down to 2000 bits based on what we already know from experiences we’ve already had…I wonder if the route of choice was based on my subconscious knowing about these butterflies because I’d seen them on a previous walk?!

Onto experiment 3 tomorrow!!

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