Lesson 3: Focus of Attention…completed

Isn’t it ironic! Focusing my attention has been a bit of a challenge this week, summer holidays are over so back to real life…gone are the days of doing whatever I want whenever I want, which means I seem to have less time to get the reading done.

I already posted about the importance self-talk or in other words …of being impeccable with your words…yes, I know, I stole that from “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, but it popped into my head is a perfect way to describe this lesson. When you are impeccable with your words, you are eliminating the negative talk…about yourself and others…this will in turn make it more likely you focus your attention on the good things in life. This includes the good things you contribute as well as others contributions.

Another point in the lesson: There is a thought atmosphere, which takes what we think about the most (with feeling) and creates our outer experience based on those thoughts.  So the way I see it, our conscious mind thinks what it thinks…we can be mindful of our choices, or just let our brains natter away at us the way we’ve been conditioned…not always a good thing! Those thoughts then enter into our subconscious…and whatever is the predominant thought, (with the most feeling) gets transfered to the unconscious mind, which then helps us see the things that are in alignment with our dominant thought. This means if we are negative, fearful, angry we will see that in our outer life because we are looking for it.  If we are loving and helpful and have high expectations, we will see the options that allow this to become our experience. Bailes does qualify we will all have a combination of positive and negative thoughts because nobody is perfect. He stresses our Main focus is what will become our experience….( Did I mention this was pretty dry writing? A lot of repetition, which will probably serve me well…I still have to go back and reread it, even though it’s pretty much saying the same thing over and over!!)

More on Mental Attitudes: Love is what makes the world go ’round…It creates a harmony and allows us to be in the “creative flow”. When we are hostile, negative, etc we lose the connection to flow.  A good friend of mine gave me a book a few years ago called “Flowdreaming” By Summer McStravick. A line on the back cover reads: “The Flow is both the glue that holds the cosmos together and the cosmos itself”.  Isn’t it amazing how many different ways the same information can be shared!?

Bailes also stresses this way of thinking (or Science of Mind) is a way of life…which makes sense, because if you go back to negative, or unconscious thinking, you will attract the same situations back to you.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit…by the time I finish the lessons I will have been practicing conscious thinking for much longer than that! Good odds I’d say 🙂

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