I knew that was going to happen…

Hmmm, isn’t it interesting we are able to say those words, but don’t realize when we say them, we’ve created the very thing that happened. The more I read and work through the books I have on the go now, the more evidence I see this is true. It happens on small scales, and pretty quickly sometimes…like yesterday while shopping my daughter was told to leave some accessories (last ones on the rack) on the bench while trying on clothes. When she came out they were gone…the sales clerk had seen a little girl walk away with them. Thankfully we did end up finding them.

As we left the store my daughter said “I knew that was going to happen!”

Me laughing, “Then that’s why it did!”

Daughter smirking, ” I knew you were going to say that, that’s why I didn’t say it when we couldn’t find them!”

She did think it was funny though, because she’s gets she’s creating her life.

So there’s the risk I take by changing the way I think and sharing it with others…people don’t necessarily want to hear they’ve brought certain experiences into their lives.  Another risk is sounding polly-anna-ish…rosey colored glasses-ish.  I know I’ve been guilty of rolling my eyes, and smirking when I’ve encountered glass half full and want to share it with the world types…especially when I feel my life is half empty!

I’ve decided I’m going to take the risk, remembering it’s none of my business what other people think of me. I know I’m going to run into challenging situations that in the past I would have whined and complained about ad nauseam, and I know but choosing to look at it from a different perspective there will be people who roll their eyes and smirk…I’m choosing to be okay with that!

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