I wonder….

surprised cowI wonder who the first person to milk a cow was…and what did his friends think? (What did the cow think?!) I can understand why they would do it…the appearance of such a bounty to glean…but to be brave enough to be the first! I bet people made fun of him/her. I could assume it was out of necessity, a hungry family, or infant who’s mother couldn’t produce milk (or worse, mom didn’t make it through the birth) and no wet nurse available. But then the satisfaction of having had that great idea when everyone else jumps on board!

We are forced to become inventive in order to survive, or just to make life easier…for instance, my toaster won’t keep the bread down so I rigged it with an elastic band, not ideal since it can no longer pop up, but for the short term it’s been great! For me the hardest part is not worrying about what others will say or think. My mom was a real outside the box thinker, my dad was not and he was the first to mock whatever her (hair brained) ideas were…too bad he wasn’t able to be her cheering squad instead, it probably would have served me as much as her!

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