Experiment 3 and 4 from “E Squared” by Pam Grout

Experiment 3 is a hands on experiment.  Had a friend over last night and we figured out how to rig up the coat hanger contraptions.  Basically, you hold one hanger (after modifications) in each hand, think of something negative, they move in one direction, think of something positive, they move in another, then gaze at something in the room off to one side or the other and they follow your gaze.

Did it work??? Yes it did!!! We had some good laughs with it too…A was pretty amazing at it…has some real super powers! She should have no problem manifesting what she really desires in her life! I had success as well, not as instantaneously mind you! Apparently the amount of movement is also based on the intensity of the emotion you feel as well…which is why when you REALLY want something it’s wise to want it with FEELING!!

Experiment 4 was not very successful for me…I just started rereading the chapter though and right off the bat I realize I wasn’t following directions…I was supposed to be using my thoughts to bring me something I wanted…an actual item…what I was trying for was more vague, and to be honest, I didn’t really believe it would happen…I was destined to fail! I’m going to give it a shot again though…I’ll think of something by tomorrow morning and report back on Sunday!



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