Lesson 4: Why Man’s Mind is Creative

Whew! I’m falling a little behind! In the past I would take it as an ‘out’ and just quit…not this time! I’m persevering and I think I have the end date being Dad’s birthday to thank for the extra motivation.

Bailes’ explanation of how we are creative is in depth, has lots of pie charts explaining the Creative Cycle and like the other lessons is quite repetitive. I’ve been reading later in the evening and not getting through because I end up falling asleep!

But yesterday being Saturday 🙂 I was able to take time to read in the morning and I had a real Aha moment!

Here are the basics of what I was reading when I Aha’d:

  • deeper mind = subconscious = feeling
  • surface mind = conscious = choices
  • What surface mind repeatedly chooses goes into deeper mind, becomes our habits and how we feel.

Bailes writes: “Through repeated choice, a certain type of thought becomes a feeling. The person who lives by his feelings alone can never control the Creative Cycle because he is allowing the servant to become the master. Deeper mind, the feeler, must always remain the servant of surface mind, the chooser.”

This was just what I needed to read! When I looked at my difficulties with following through on steps to reach my goals, I realized it was because I don’t FEEL like it. I call myself lazy, I’m enabling myself, bowing down to my subconscious, which only reinforces the pattern.

I think it was the “master” and “servant” that got to me…I don’t want my “servant” running the show!! 

As for “Why Man’s Mind is Creative”, in short it’s because man is a mini me of Universal Intelligence which uses the Creative Cycle mentioned above…we have access to whatever we need to create whatever we want…our problem it the lack the focus and belief it takes to make it happen. We get all caught up in the old negative belief systems that are fed by media, our family history, our peers etc. 

Bailes has some good news though:

“Deeper Mind can be re-educated…cultivate the expectancy of the good, and do it deliberately…One constructive thought is more powerful than ten thousand destructive thoughts, because constructive thought is in line with the thinking of the Originating Intelligence and therefore has superlative force.”

He suggests starting every morning being curious, “I wonder what nice experience I’ll have today, what pleasant people I’ll meet, what good business I’ll do, what nice contacts I’ll make.” This will help change bad thought-habits into good ones. It is up to us to use the creative process to become who we want to be.

And you know what…I ended up having a productive day yesterday! Whenever I was feeling resistance to something I knew needed to be done – I realized it was my ‘servant’ trying to push me around…it made it easier to move forward when I felt I was in control…of…myself…the human mind is bizarre!!

We are one person, yet we have all this dialogue going on in our heads and have to control ourselves, pick good thoughts over bad, make choices in our best interest in order to stay healthy etc. You would think this would all come naturally, but just look around…it doesn’t!! Complicated!

Needless to say, I am happy with what I learned in Lesson 4…I’m holding the image of my conscious being the master and really questioning when the servant is taking advantage of my leniency! 


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