Christmas gifts for my kids



These were my main focus for a couple of months before Christmas. There are so many talented people out there showing off their work!  My daughter found pictures like the map on Pinterest and asked me to make one for her…my attempt – she’s happy with it!

…then of course when you have kids you have to keep things even! So I asked my son what he might want me to make. He’s really into Volkswagen’s right now and showed me something all drippy he’d found on the net somewhere – my version added the flames and made the drips thicker. He’s hung it already so he’s happy with his too!

My daughter’s fiance is a huge tire fan so it only made sense to do something with a Yokohama tire and his BBS rim…he’s also pleased!

A few things I learned from this experience:

  • make sure you use a standard size of paper to make framing easier.
  • Take pics before you put them in the frame or at least before they’re heading out the door to take them home!
  • use thick water color paper to avoid buckling…stretching paper doesn’t always work.

I’m pleased with how they turned out, mostly because the kids are happy with them. In the past I would pick them apart and find all the faults but that seems to stop me from actually practicing, playing and learning. So I’m choosing to be pleased 🙂



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