New Wacom!


So a while back I was trying vectorize (is that a word?) a logo I had started for a friend of mine. I figured there had to be an easy way to do it. I was trying to use my laptop with the touch pad and mouse. I started doing some research and learned about the Wacom…I wanted one!!

Especially after checking out YouTube video tutorials – I was super pumped about them. The tutorials by Erin on Phlearn were  great! I was learning lots but since I didn’t have a tablet the info didn’t really do me much good…except…

My boyfriend saw how keen I was and said he’d get me one for Christmas! YAY! Best man ever!! This was in early November and by then I had to really get serious about the Christmas presents for the kids so I put the logo aside.

Well, Christmas came, I got this great new toy, I played around a bit but it was harder than I thought it would be! 😦 I left it for a few days and when I went back to it I decided to just play around with the tools in the ArtRage software it came with to start. (See above)

There are soooo many options! I’m definitely going to go back and start watching the tutorials again after our company leaves and I can focus a little better. Erin uses the Wacom with Photoshop but I’m going to try out the software it comes with first.

Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to vectorize whatever I want!

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