Mini mandala/technical difficulties


Mandala of the day…a small one today, in between struggling to get my phone working again.

Technology can be a challenge – some words of caution, when doing a system update on your phone, leave it alone! For at least twenty minutes apparently – I thought it was done, tried to send a text and next thing I know it’s in this vicious cycle of turning off and on!

I thought it was a goner but after going to my service provider I learned I could try a system reset. I tried doing it from the settings but it powered down each time I tried to click on the reset button.

Thank goodness for the internet!! I randomly picked Dreu  after searching for how to do a system reset on an HTC One and the instruction worked bang on!

Whew, I need to watch what I wish for, as much as I don’t like this phone, I really wasn’t ready to put out cash for a new one!

I am slightly disappointed I didn’t complete manifesting a new iPhone but my bank account is pleased!

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