Life can be Complicated!

I began the year with an intention of creating a mandala a day. I love to create, try different mediums and get crafty but doing so usually ends up low on my list of priorities. A mandala a day seemed to be a way of ensuring I would be creative everyday and I decided to post on Instagram to keep track and make myself accountable.

It’s been a great plan and I’ve been doing really well, with a couple of tweaks – a few weeks ago a friend approached me with a request of wire trees – Sure! I was excited to have a reason to be twisting wire again!

I looked on Instagram and online for ideas for making wire trees and came up with a couple of good tutorials for the pendant style…   and  There are so many talented people out there to learn from!

I spent about a week playing around with different designs. The pendant style I posted as a mandala, the stand alone trees I posted in a pic of three together so they were more “mandala like”….

Although I felt like I was “cheating” on my mandala a day, I was pleased with continuing on my creative journey.

A couple of weeks ago I went to spend an evening with my daughter; we had good talks, laughed, cried, shopped, ate, walked the dog, watched a movie…we were creating a deeper bond, which will always be my main priority – so I missed a day of mandala posting.

I was beginning to realize my mandala a day might have been a little optimistic.

Last weekend my son was in an accident – he’s fine  – thank goodness! When we got the call we were able to get to him within minutes. We spent the rest of the evening together, my son, daughter and I – being very grateful that nobody was seriously injured and glad we could be together! Lots of hugs and I Love you were shared, another bonding moment.

I’ve been reminded that life can be complicated, there will be days when a mandala will not be my priority. I intend to continue being creative – mostly every day. If it’s not a mandala – I’ll be okay with that.

I’ve decided that 2016 is my year to make room to be creative. The people I love will always come first, but the dishes and laundry can wait!





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