Doodle and Draw Day



Puppy cuddles, coffee and a little journaling – a great way to start the day!

I’m still recovering from that 10k hike a couple of days ago…Lots of time to be creative!


There is a lot of inspiration on Instagram…

I commented on a post from @infjoey and he was kind enough to share a pattern for weaving.

I came up with this drawing last night – and of all the art work I’ve shared on Instagram this has the most likes.

Not exactly sure why but it motivated me to try out some more weaving style.

But first….


I spent the morning working on this doodle – some of the patterns I used were from Eni Oken and @texasdoxiemoma on Flickr. I took a little time to practice shading – my nemesis! I know I won’t improve if I don’t tackle it though!

I find I’m spending more time actually drawing since using Instagram rather than Pinterest and Facebook – for some reason I don’t get swept into the void, emerging hours later, which is great since I did make a decision to be more creative this year!


My afternoon/evening consisted of working on this woven mandala – I struggled with the weave and I want to fix the center but over all I’m pretty happy with it!


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