Mega Mandala Mural


Mega might be a bit of an exaggeration…but not to me right now. It took about 70 hours from start to finish.

Large mandala is approximately 7ft x 4ft, small is approx 2ft x 1ft.


The design is mostly freehand. I used a compass and ruler for making the grid and a compass and french curve for a bit of the design.

I thought it would be fairly easy to paint since it was pretty big but I didn’t take into consideration all the points! The biggest brush I used was about an inch wide and because I used house paint it needed a minimum of two coats.

I started the small one after the large had it’s first coat on. I would fill in the color on the small one then go and do the second coat on the large. By the time I had that done the small was dry enough for the second coat.

I had a deadline of the June 23 which gave me three weeks in total to get it done. Whew! It was a whirlwind three weeks since I was still working Monday to Friday and was helping my daughter with wedding preparations on Saturdays.

It was a learning curve to say the least but I had a lot of fun creating it and since I was doing it for a friend I got to hang out with her while I was working on it! I’m not sure I’d take on such a big project with such a short deadline while working full time again though!





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