June 4

It dawned on me last week that I had missed a very important date.  My dad died three years ago on June 4th. I remember thinking it was coming up back in May but then totally spaced on the actual day. 😦

I felt bad that the day passed me by but thinking about it realistically and changing my perspective I decided not to be too hard on myself. Mom and dad are on my mind quite regularly – I tend to look at the clock on repeating digits – usually daily, sometimes a few times a day and when I do mom or dad or both pop into my head and pay me a little visit.

That’s not to say I didn’t wonder what I’d been doing on June 4th that would keep me so busy to forget. Technology is a wonderful thing – I looked through the pics on my phone and  saw on the morning of the fourth I went up to Kelowna to spend the day with my daughter.

We were supposed to go look at veils for her upcoming wedding (!) but my pup Finn decided he didn’t want to be left in the apartment…we could hear him in the elevator two floors down! I didn’t want him teaching Robin’s dog Baxter to be noisy…

So, change of plans, we decided to take the dogs down to McKinley Lake and have a picnic. It was a beautiful sunny day and the water was warm(ish).

When I got home that night I went into the back yard and saw an angel wing cloud (at the beginning of this post).

The next day I saw this angelic cloudimag0573.jpg

I felt compelled to play with the angel and dock pictures, add some filters, mix a couple of them together and came up with these, (not awesome but it was fun).


Looking back it seems like Mom and Dad were watching over me and even though I was self absorbed and didn’t notice at the time, it feels nice now.

I’m glad I remember them on a more daily basis; thinking about the life we shared when they were healthy and happy. Maybe it’s a good thing to be able to let go of the sadness of our last day together.





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