Wedding Planning Tip…


Wow, time has flown by and now we’re less than a month away from my daughters wedding! Everything is going quite smoothly and we are all getting excited for the big day!

I am feeling a little heartache over one decision that was made months ago regarding the guest list that I wanted to share here.

When the kids first started planning the guest list they were super excited and wanted to invite everyone they knew to come help them celebrate their day. Family, friends, co-workers and of course, as parents of the bride and groom we through our thoughts in as well. It’s exciting!!

But then – the moment of truth when you realize you have to have a venue big enough and then feed all these people on a limited budget. When the numbers were crunched we realized guest list would have to be greatly reduced.

The research began on how to cut costs and decide who to invite. We saw the same advice repeatedly – look at the guest list and cross off people you hadn’t spoken to or been in touch with in the last six months to a year.

So that’s what was decided and of course it brought the list down and the dollar figure became something much more feasible; a breath of relief was taken.

This was months ago and once the invitations were ordered and mailed not much thought went into it until the date started looming ever closer, with prep work almost done we began imagining what the day will be like.

We started thinking about certain people we haven’t kept in touch with but who are still important to us that didn’t get an invite. How it would have been nice to have them there to celebrate and catch up – a little reunion of sorts….

But they were cut from the list…

So my advice is to not to get so caught up in the financial aspect of your big day and just cut everyone you haven’t been in touch with…take the time to imagine each guest you are thinking of cutting and what it will mean to have them there…or not. If it will make your day more special, invite them…if not cross away.




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