Wedding Converse has to be DIY in Canada


When my daughter started planning her wedding one thing she knew right away was comfort was key. No high heels for her!

Converse for the wedding party was decided on and she wanted The Bride and Groom’s to be personalized. ( I’m agonizing over the apostrophe placement!)

No problem, you can special order them straight from…so she thought.

Turns out Canada doesn’t count for Converse! We aren’t even on their location list!

She tried to have them sent to a shipping/receiving business just across the border but because she was using a Canadian credit card that was a no go too!

She was pretty disappointed but we decided I’d give it a go…I used a black Sharpie fabric pen and a white DecoFabric pen. I would have liked to be a little fancier but she’s happy with them 🙂

I do find it frustrating we aren’t able to get certain things here in Canada though…personalized Converse and clips from American TV for example…


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