A little About me:

At the core, I’m a creator, just the same as everyone else. I wake up every morning and create my day. I’ve made attempts at being very conscious of what I’m creating but struggle with the discipline it takes to make it a habit – falling off the consciously creating life bandwagon at regular intervals. The good news is, I’m not alone! So, instead of continuing to beat myself up about it, feeling bad I didn’t finish the books listed on my posts, I’m starting fresh!

I’ve been much more creative lately, and it feels good! Not necessarily creating my day to day life but dabbling in drawing and crocheting.   I’ve been watching a lot of videos of other people being creative, perusing others art and crafts and gotten inspired! Great news! I’m going to share who, what and where I’m getting my inspiration and what it’s inspired me to do…or that’s my intention! Hopefully someone else might get some inspiration too…

Wish me Luck!!



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