Mandala for Billie


imag0291_1_1.jpgimag0291_1.jpgMandala I designed back in March for a friend to give to a little girl named Billie. She supplied the frame and mat. Picture is approx 16 x 20.

I used a compass for the circles, designs are freehand. Watercolor paper, watercolors, felts, sharpie and micron pen.




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ARTist Block


I’ve been procrastinating a bit on the art side of life this week, then to make matters worse, when I have put pens to paper, it’s coming out less than ideal.

My doodles lately, which are few, feel messy and chaotic. I pretty much forced myself to do the ones shown and didn’t have it in me to be very careful or focused.

Time to give myself a project I WANT to do a good job on! Move my butt from sitting on the couch with low light to a proper desk, chair and good light maybe?

Motivation and Inspiration would be much appreciated please!





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Adding a few Doodles


Feeling under the weather and wanted to work on something different.
This is an older piece I started after doing workshops with Nick Bantock                               and Viv Lieskovsky.

I Love the idea of mixed media, but get stuck in the process and don’t know where to go after getting the first layer or so down so I have a few kicking around to play with.

I really loved the colors on this one (the picture doesn’t really do it justice, it’s much more vibrant) and have pulled it out before but ended up just looking at it and not making any changes.

So far tonight I doodled a little mandala in the corner and a few black and gold lines. My intention is to keep working on it in the near future, hopefully get more adventurous and really fill it in.

“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers…why I feel fear I’m not sure…not the end of the world if it doesn’t turn out right!

Anyone out there have some suggestions or little tricks to get past the fear? I’d love to hear them!

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More Mandala Work

I finally reached a point of being happy with this pattern and decided to add some color.

I was trying to find a way to make the black and white pics available for download so if you were interested in coloring your own you could print it out. So far not sure how to go about doing this.

Feel free to direct me to a tutorial to add a print button or whatever might be necessary to allow printing – I would be very grateful!

So far I’ve learned plugins don’t work on but they do on

Have a great day!

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Doodle and Draw Day



Puppy cuddles, coffee and a little journaling – a great way to start the day!

I’m still recovering from that 10k hike a couple of days ago…Lots of time to be creative!


There is a lot of inspiration on Instagram…

I commented on a post from @infjoey and he was kind enough to share a pattern for weaving.

I came up with this drawing last night – and of all the art work I’ve shared on Instagram this has the most likes.

Not exactly sure why but it motivated me to try out some more weaving style.

But first….


I spent the morning working on this doodle – some of the patterns I used were from Eni Oken and @texasdoxiemoma on Flickr. I took a little time to practice shading – my nemesis! I know I won’t improve if I don’t tackle it though!

I find I’m spending more time actually drawing since using Instagram rather than Pinterest and Facebook – for some reason I don’t get swept into the void, emerging hours later, which is great since I did make a decision to be more creative this year!


My afternoon/evening consisted of working on this woven mandala – I struggled with the weave and I want to fix the center but over all I’m pretty happy with it!


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National puppy day!


A great day for hike!

Was it wise for the first hike of the year to be 10 km?

Maybe not for my body, but it sure cleared out the cobwebs in my head!

Amazing what some endorphins can do!



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Doodle of the Day

My doodle of the day inspired by Peter at

He has a bunch of awesome videos on YouTube – here’s a link:

I read a Q&A on his Instagram account and his advice to people who want to draw is to put the pen on the paper.  So that’s what I did. When you watch his videos he makes it look easy but I think he’s been ‘perfecting’ his style for quite a while.

This was a fun way to spend the evening and I’m not going to judge how it turned out. I doodled away and it was nice to not have an end in mind.

I watched his videos for overcoming artist’s block which take the intimidation away from putting pen to paper and look like they would be cool to try…so I think I will!


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