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I knew that was going to happen…

Hmmm, isn’t it interesting we are able to say those words, but don’t realize when we say them, we’ve created the very thing that happened. The more I read and work through the books I have on the go now, … Continue reading

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End of Lesson 2: Basic Principles of the Science of Mind

Thought and Its Power was the focus for Lesson 2…I have a favorite quote, which I posted few days ago “Never say a thing about yourself that you do not want to see realized in your life” but I want … Continue reading

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Our “Hidden” Power…

A little tidbit about me – I’m a firm believer in taking responsibility for my life…whether it’s in a good spot or not.  It sucks to know your responsible when your life is in the shitter; easier to think WHAT … Continue reading

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Abundant Happiness :)

A good friend lent me her copy of ” The Ten Secrets of Abundant Happiness” by Adam J. Jackson.  I found this little book great!  It is written as a parable (which I LOVE) and follows a man who needs … Continue reading

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They sayers….

I had an opportunity the other night to hang out and talk to a few friends after a function I attended.  It was reminiscent of the philosophical explorations I took part in at the coffee shop as a teenager. I … Continue reading

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Conscious VS Unconscious Journaling

Today  I’m going to share some of my thoughts on and experiences with journaling. I had an epiphany recently; I realized that I have spent many years  engaged in unconscious journaling, and I believe it may have led to or … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the brain

I find the brain fascinating;  It runs my body, and my life without any input from me, or so it seems.  When I pondered the brain in the past I didn’t usually think of it as being divided into 2 … Continue reading

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