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Yin Yang Kittens

I love this photo I took of two of my snuggling fur babies; Arthur (grey tabby) and Noah (ginger with long hair, and reminds me of a small maine coon). I adopted these two brothers at the end of July … Continue reading

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Wedding Planning Tip…

Wow, time has flown by and now we’re less than a month away from my daughters wedding! Everything is going quite smoothly and we are all getting excited for the big day! I am feeling a little heartache over one … Continue reading

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Life can be Complicated!

I began the year with an intention of creating a mandala a day. I love to create, try different mediums and get crafty but doing so usually ends up low on my list of priorities. A mandala a day seemed … Continue reading

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Lesson 3: Focus of Attention…completed

Isn’t it ironic! Focusing my attention has been a bit of a challenge this week, summer holidays are over so back to real life…gone are the days of doing whatever I want whenever I want, which means I seem to … Continue reading

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Lesson 3: The Focus of Attention – continued…and on task!

Power Flows to the Focus of Attention – when we are in the throws of negative self-talk the power flows through those thoughts and manifests our experiences in alignment with them. When hostility – it’s grudges, resentments and criticism is … Continue reading

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Science of Mind – Lesson 3: The Focus of Attention (or maybe not)

Mental Attitudes…begins with the reiteration of ‘Never say a thing about yourself that you do not want to see realized in your life’…which means, no belittling yourself – it makes small of strengths and balloons weaknesses. Some small part could … Continue reading

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people are mirrors

Another discussion, another chance to acquire some self realization, which maybe I’m not too keen on focusing on, but what am I here for if not to grow through unpleasantness? 😛 I mentioned recently to some friends that I had … Continue reading

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