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Lesson 4: Why Man’s Mind is Creative

Whew! I’m falling a little behind! In the past I would take it as an ‘out’ and just quit…not this time! I’m persevering and I think I have the end date being Dad’s birthday to thank for the extra motivation. … Continue reading

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Lesson 3: Focus of Attention…completed

Isn’t it ironic! Focusing my attention has been a bit of a challenge this week, summer holidays are over so back to real life…gone are the days of doing whatever I want whenever I want, which means I seem to … Continue reading

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Lesson 3: The Focus of Attention – continued…and on task!

Power Flows to the Focus of Attention – when we are in the throws of negative self-talk the power flows through those thoughts and manifests our experiences in alignment with them. When hostility – it’s grudges, resentments and criticism is … Continue reading

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Experiment #2

Sunday Sept 1, 10:20 am – for 24 hours I’m on the lookout for sunset beige vehicles…had to take a little road trip about 15 min. out of town…on my way there and back I saw 15 and not even … Continue reading

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End of Lesson 2: Basic Principles of the Science of Mind

Thought and Its Power was the focus for Lesson 2…I have a favorite quote, which I posted few days ago “Never say a thing about yourself that you do not want to see realized in your life” but I want … Continue reading

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Our “Hidden” Power…

A little tidbit about me – I’m a firm believer in taking responsibility for my life…whether it’s in a good spot or not.  It sucks to know your responsible when your life is in the shitter; easier to think WHAT … Continue reading

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Conscious VS Unconscious Journaling

Today  I’m going to share some of my thoughts on and experiences with journaling. I had an epiphany recently; I realized that I have spent many years  engaged in unconscious journaling, and I believe it may have led to or … Continue reading

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